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Here is some of my stuff, I'll post the rest of it when I find the time.

If you want to know where I got something or what it might be XD ask away. I can also take single pictures just to show things more detail.

Better pictures under the cut


Basicly I just have a few odds and ends that I forgot to post and my manga /other random books. 

Wish List! 

1. Uzumaki the art of masashi Kishimoto. (If anyone knows where I could get this PLEASE tell me)
2. Kidomaru curse mark 2 figure
3. Sasori wallet
4. Kisame plushie
5. Hidan plushie
6. Naruto the movie ninja clash in the land of snow ani-manga
7. Naruto novel : Mission to the land of waves (Nooo idea about the title)
8. Anything Kidomaru. :) <3

Please help if you can in anyway. If you know where I could get any of the above please tell. I have nothing else going for me XD.
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