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♥ Naruto Collectors ♥

Naruto Collectors
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Naruto Collectors

Naruto collectors is a community made for people who collect Naruto
merchandise. You can share pictures of your own collections, or of
Naruto merch on your wishlist, as well as discussing info on the latest
Naruto toys etc. You may also sell/trade your naruto merch in this
community. ♥

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˟ Everything posted should be related to ONLY Naruto collecting.

˟ ALL images should be placed under lj-cut/unless it is one small image,but anything else must be under lj-cut.

˟ NO advertising other communities.

˟ Selling posts are allowed

˟ Ebay links are allowed

˟ Sellers must provide feedback.

˟ Scammers are definitely NOT welcome.